Terminolgy and Acronyms



AI1             All in one – These nappies are like disposables where there are ready to use. The down side is they tend to take longer to dry and they don’t have much flexibility with adding absorbent layers

AI2            All in two – These nappies come in 2 parts the shell and the inserts. They can be separated for easier washing and there’s a lot of flexibility with how many inserts and boosters you use.

OSFM      One size fits most – these will generally fit from newborn to toddler

PUL                 Polyurethane laminate (waterproof fabric)

CC               China Cheapies – Cheap items made in China often not of the same quality as branded products

WAHM   Work at home mum – there are many nappy businesses that operate from home and hand make their products

BF/EBF    Breast fed/Exclusively breast fed

FF               Formula fed

S&S           Strip and sanitise – best to be done after purchasing second hand nappies. The correct procedure can be found here


OTB           On the bum


Second Hand Terms/Social Media Advertising Terms


DISO/ISO         Desperately in search of/ In search of

EUC                     Excellent used condition

VGUC                 Very good used condition

GUC                    Good used condition

FUC                      Fair used condition

UC                        Used condition

PUC                     Poor used condition

AC/AS                As new condition

ROAK                Random act of kindness – Term often used when people are giving items away