About us

Askel Creations

Askel Creations was born from a passion for sewing and family. My niece asked me to make snap on name tags for her MCN’s. The first thing I did was look up what an MCN was, I used terry flats for my babies so had never heard the term. I started selling my tags on Etsy. In the interim my niece started designing her own shells to make the “perfect” fit for babies of any shape. Her design and patterns are amazing so we joined forces to sell her label Ro’Shell Designs at Askel Creations.

We are a Western Australian company and do our best to use other Australian small businesses for our supplies. Supporting local businesses is important to us.

After having 5 children I understand the pleasures and perils of parenthood. It is my hope that this business will be not only providing quality products but will be providing a service.

 Where does the name come from you ask? It's an acronym of my childrens names

A - Adam

S - Sophie

K - Kristyn

E - Emily

L - Lucas


Rochelle from Ro'Shell Designs

Rochelle is an Environmental Scientist living in Perth WA with her husband and daughter. Rochelle has had a love-hate relationship with fabric for many years, and discovered cloth nappies just before her daughter was born. During the last few years, Rochelle has tried almost every cloth brand on the market, and started making nappies for friends as a hobby to offset the cost of her fabric addiction. These were received so enthusiastically in the cloth community than she has created Ro’Shell MCN Shells. Demand quickly outpaced supply, and so Rochelle has teamed up with her Aunty at Askel Creations to create a range of hand made exclusive reusable items for busy parents. 

RoShell MCN shells are focused on local business and Australian made. We are endeavouring to have our business as Australian as possible.